About Dionne Williams

Dionne Williams

A highly energetic and lively artist, Dionne Williams’ passion lies in exploring human emotion.

Focusing on creating abstract portraits, her use of colour and swift movement allows her to represent inner feelings directly onto the canvas. Her current series explores the effects of trauma, the inner pain that sometimes can often be hard for the sufferer to express.

By exploring sadness, isolation, shame, numbness, anxiety, shock, hopelessness, guilt, disconnection and fear, Dionne helps raise awareness, and confronts a very real & raw aspect of the self.

Some of her works are created using just a finger and acrylics. This connection is important to the outcome of her paintings, as Dionne deems it necessary to connect her own emotional experiences directly onto the canvas or paper, without having anything block the process.

Exposing the darker elements of being human, Dionne hopes to highlight the stigma attached to mental health issues, by creating bold, visceral and at times troubling images.

Get in touch

Dionne has studios in Bournemouth in the UK and Sevilla, España.

Email hello@dionnewilliams.co.uk and (always) on Instagram as @dwilliamsartist.

UK: +44 7843 661 530 – for coffee and cake

España: +34 653 46 58 79 – para tapa y vino