The fire red leaves of Autumn


Artwork: 20cm x 29cm

Medium: watercolour on watercolour paper

Frame: 33cm x 40cm

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A late autumn scene. Across a ploughed field, we see a wood, leaves fire red and orange. The air is cold and the sky is blue. It’s late afternoon.

I’ve mentioned before how much I look forward to autumn. It’s by far my favourite season, and one that drives my imagination. This particular scene is taken from my mind’s eye, inspired by countless walks across my home county of Dorset. Favourite places such as Wimborne, Cranbourne, Kimmeridge and the River Stour Valley often crop up in my work in this way.

I like to think of ploughed fields as ‘resting’, ahead of the next seasons when they will deliver their bounty. To reflect this, I floated layers of watercolour paint on top of each other. By building up layers of brown earth and blue sky, using simple washes, the observer is left to do the work of interpreting the scene. Thus, the paint is allowed to rest and the viewers’ imagination thrives.

To continue the theme of the impressionist scene, the autumn trees are also built up in layers. Rather than a series of washes, I used a wet brush dab technique to increase the level of detail, suggesting leaves and the outline of woods in the distance.

This piece is framed and will hang on a wall, or on a flat surface using the hinged frame stand.