River Stour Late Autumn Walk


Artwork: 13cm x 18cm

Medium: watercolour on watercolour paper

Frame: 20cm x 25cm (in grey wood)

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Let this painting take you for a River Stour late Autumn walk. A cold, quiet scene. The only sounds to be heard are the distant cries of a few birds, and the crunching of my walking boots on the ground.  So still is the water, that it could almost be mistaken for a mirror.  I stand still for an age, so still I don’t even wish to breathe for fear of disturbing the silence. The mist from my warm breath fills the cool air.

I enjoy walking alongside the River Stour in all seasons.  Each season offers up a diverse atmosphere, colour and smell that ignite my senses and inspires me to paint.  No two days are the same at the river, with a changing influx of wildlife, birds, people walking their dogs and excitable children.  The end of Autumn brings about a sense of cosiness that appeals to me greatly.

In the painting ‘River Stour Late Autumn Walk’, I’ve chosen to capture a moment of solitude. To enjoy the stillness for what it is: the end of another changing season. Here we see the tail end of Autumn, the dissolving away of the vibrant colours of red, gold, orange and browns to make way for the more muted palette of pale gold, greys, and white, with a splash of evergreen. Therefore, I’ve decided to capture this scene using watercolour in pale tones. The muted gold tones give a hint that Autumn is still with us, but Winter is imminent. I sketched this moment in time at the side of the river bank to revisit once back in my art studio.

This piece is framed and will hang on a wall, or on a flat surface using the hinged frame stand.